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The Impact of Quality Score on Ad Position & CPC
Your Quality Score has a big impact on both your ad position and your CPC. This in return will have a big impact on your ROI at the end of the day. How does Quality Score affect ad position and CPC? ==> How Quality Score affects Ad Position While Google hasn't revealed their exact formula of what makes up Quality Score, few would contest that there's a direct correlation between ad position and Quality Score.
How to Fine-Tune a Campaign
Success in AdWords isn't just about setting up a profitable campaign. It's also about fine-tuning a working or near-working campaign to improve its ROI. Often times campaigns won't be profitable right from the get go. If your campaign is losing 30% from day one, there's a very good chance that with some fine-tuning you'll be able to make that profitable. Here's how to fine-tune your campaigns.
Finding and Selecting Profitable Keywords
Perhaps the most important element in all of Google AdWords is your keywords. A mediocre ad with a killer keyword list will convert far better than a great ad to a mediocre keyword list. To succeed in the AdWords game, you need low-cost keywords that convert at strong ROIs. So how do you find these keywords?

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