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No Cookie Cutter Approaches Here.

You won’t find a list of standard features. That’s because we don’t have one. We examine the needs of your company, and we work out the most effective plan to deliver to your requirements.

"In Market" Lead Generation

Our technology enables us to find the exact people who are currently searching for your service in your area THIS WEEK! We call this "in market". You receive leads who are extremely interested, at a cost 25% to 75% less than you would pay with other methods.
Our team of certified professionals will ensure that we continue to improve your campaign performance, day after day, week after week, month after month.
Every account we manage:

  • Gets regular hands on optimization – we NEVER set and forget your campaigns.
  • Is stringently tested using advanced statistical analysis.
  • Has marketing campaigns (which you need to know about) as standard -because they work.

Call Tracking

Get up to date call data with your very own custom real time dashboard. You always know exactly how many leads are being generated and your performance metrics with those leads. See a complete history of calls including duration & location. Monitor your telephone performance: every phone call is recorded so you can improve your closing rate.

Paid Search Management

It’s all about your goals. Whether you want more calls, form completions or sales, we will work closely with you to design and deliver the right approach.
Our team of certified professionals will ensure that we continue to improve your campaign performance, day after day, week after week, month after month.
Every account we manage:

  • Gets regular hands on optimization – we NEVER set and forget your campaigns
  • Is stringently tested using advanced statistical analysis
  • Has remarketing campaigns (which you need to know about) as standard – because they work

​Conversion Focused Website Design

It seems everyone is offering a of build-it-quick, do-it-yourself web design system. While it may be true you can "build your own website in minutes", is that what you really want? Is that what’s going to drive traffic to your site and keep it there? It’s difficult to believe a "cut and paste" site is going to be the one that a customer looks at and decides it’s the one they’ve been waiting for to make their online purchase. Design is only one factor determining the value of your online presence.

Tagpoint focuses on "Conversion Focused Marketing" as we build websites. Our sites are beautiful to the eye, yes, but they are also extremely fast, 100% mobile compatable and, above all else, designed by internet marketers who understand the psychology of online sales. Our pages convert visitors into hungry prospects.

Landing Page Development

Successful online campaigns are about a lot more than ad clicks. The landing page on your website that a visitor sees when they click your ads is just as, if not more important. A well designed landing page can double or triple the return on your ad spend. That’s why when our client campaigns demand it, we can design high converting, compelling landing pages that work hand in hand with your pay per click campaign.

Advanced Remarketing & Remarketing Strategies.

Retargeting (or remarketing as it is often called), is one of the most powerful ways to boost your Search campaigns to make them more effective. By showing targeted, appropriate ads to your hottest prospects in the weeks and months that follow their visit to your website we can entice them back to your website to make their enquiry or complete their purchase.

Social Media Promotion

Tagpoint will work with you to evaluate how your current social media use is working for you. Understanding your customer's demographics and psychographics enables us to help you create a focused social campaign that creates a loyal following.

But viral social media is only one way social media can help you grow your business. The largest networks are now some of the best advertising values available to local businesses. Using new ad programs Tagpoint can promote your company to your target market for pennies on the dollar when compared to more traditional marketing platforms.

Local Search Engine Optimization

A website that gets a great"SEO" score relative to it's competitors is truly one of your most valuable marketing assets. Unfortunately, just building a beautiful website with some articles and good content just doesn't "cut-it" anymore. Your site needs a valuable supply of incoming traffic links from respected websites. You also need local listings optimized so your prospects can learn more about you from a trustworthy source.

As the search engines make it more expensive to stay on the top of their paid search results, business owners are shifting more of their budgets to Local Search Engine Optimization and local directory promotion. Tagpoint can help your business quickly get visibility on the top local listings sites. Let us build your listings and integrate them within a high authority network of 50+ directories.

​More of what matters

Tagpoint marketing is built around a very simple principle: "People first and always, everything else follows."

From our view, you come first. Also, your prospects and customers come first. People always precede sales, technology, marketing... You get the picture.

We've learned that when we focus on the needs of our clients and their clients, all the results we're looking for just naturally follow. And that helps you gain more customers, more referrals and more repeat business. Which gives you a better, more profitable business- and bottom line.

Want More Customers For Your Company?